Who? What? How?

Who the hell does this girl think she is?

Hello!  I’m a Chicago born and based feminist, librarian and worrier.  I went to DePaul University for my undergrad and majored in Women’s and Gender Studies and minored jill newin English Lit.  Up until about the late 2000s I was woman about town (professionally speaking): I was a shampoo girl at an old lady beauty salon (some of my most valuable life lessons learned right there), I worked at a comedy club (where I mostly learned about sexism! yay!), and I worked at Planned Parenthood.  Finally, I decided to put a little more of a fine point on my career and received my Masters in Library Science, and I am currently a librarian and Head of Adult Services at a pubic library.


So why do we need another feminist-type of blog, and further, to discuss Feminism, with a big “F”?  When I waded into the study of Women’s and Gender Studies as a young lass, I was super psyched.  I was a very WASP-ey feminist, or to use the current day vernacular, “white feminist” and to prove that I was hardcore, I went to Ms. Magazine’s website and bought a hoodie with the famed words, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like.”  I was especially excited to purchase this sweater after seeing a picture of Ashley Judd sporting it.  She was a Feminist, big “F.”  I was a feminist, and look, I will have a degree and will have a shirt to prove it.  The confusion first arose with the F-word when I received it in the mail.  I looked at it and was spliced in two.  Do I call myself a feminist, or am I a feminist?  Would a real feminist, or someone who lives by the rules of proper feminist-dom even call herself as such?  And herself, what about himself? Is there a feminist agenda?  And if so who is this feminist?  How many are in this group? Are feminists only interested in voting rights?  Are feminists on the north side of Chicago interested in what happens on the south side of Chicago?  Does being a woman mean that you are inherently a feminist?  Is being born a woman your ticket into the club of having the final ruling on what it is to be a woman?  And do I capitalize the word, “feminist?”  I tried to draw a diagram in order to try and clarify my questions and see them as a tangible concept, and the paper exploded, along with my brain.

How in the world?

The purpose of what I offer on this site is to discuss, make visible, and explore feminisms. Due to my above confusion, I quickly saw long ago that there is no one definition of feminism.  I am not claiming to be an expert by any means, and that is why I need to present ideas surrounding feminism in order to try to navigate through this world that I feel in some aspects, I have such a strong grip on, and in other ways, I have no clue about what is going on at all.


Shoot me a line: exploringfeminisms@gmail.com

One thought on “Who? What? How?

  1. chicagostylefitness says:

    Hey I’m friends with Molly and happened across your site 🙂 I love it. Just wanted to let you know! I’m going to spend a lot of time tomorrow and work reading through it!!

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