In Praise of Marriage

A few months ago, my spouse e-mailed me a link to the Chicago International Film Festival’s gelato naming contest.  You were to pick from a list of flavors and fixin’s, along with a clever movie inspired name.  The winner was to receive two free tickets to the opening night of the festival on October 6th, the after party, and six months worth of free gelato.  Yes, this is extremely corny, but what the hell?  I filled it out and guess what?  I won!  I chose chocolate gelato with bananas, and named it, “Inglorious Bananas” (get it? Inglorious Basterds?).

This morning, my husband, Mike, author of the popular film studies blog, White City Cinema, posted an article titled, “In Praise of My Wife“.  If this is what marriage is going to be like for us, then it’s going to be a good life.


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