Stranger by the Book: A Year of Unknown Writing

In 2013, I completed a year-long project titled, My Year of Water in which I saved all excess water for a year.  Since then, I’ve been itching for another project, and it’s time to unveil!

This will be my project: beginning November 5, 2014 and ending on November 5, 2015, I will read one book per month that I’ve never read, wanted to read, and probably have never heard of.  Some of them will be awful, some wonderful (hopefully) and all will certainly leave me with something to say.  The end-result of this project will be to learn something about myself, and the world around me by reading books that I wouldn’t choose myself.

I aim to read 12 books, both fiction and non-fiction and will post every month to report on each one.  Doesn’t sound too challenging?  Let’s just hope that I don’t get stuck with any Ann Coulter or Joel Osteen–it’ll be hell for both of us.

The methodology regarding the selection of the books is still being teased out.  Given that I work in a library, one method is to randomly walk through the library, reach out, and there’s my book.  Not very scientific, but it would work, namely with the fiction.  The problem with this “method” is that I know the Dewey numbers for the non-fiction, and therefore would know what general section I’m pulling from.

Before this kicks off, I’d like to invite anyone to recommend a book(s) to me to add to my list of my unknown books; just complete the form below.

I look forward to your recommendations!



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